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Direct System

We are offering you a wide range of joining technology used for furniture manufacturing … but not only that!

Our offer was expanded by a Direct System which regulates the flow of production and material. So ordering of goods will be easier for your purchase department.

Our staff will prepare a suitable offer for you about your mass production assortment based on your requirement. The number of required boxes and racks will be also calculated by us. This system assures that you will always have on stock the required quantity of those articles. We will be informed about your recent needs by returning the empty boxes which we will shortly fill up. So there is an automatic rotation which runs through fast or slowly depending on your orders. You can of course decide about the delivery rhythm – normally once or twice a week is enough. The box label will contain information about quantity, article, your item number and if requested also other relevant data. This allows you to control the receipt of those boxes at any time, if needed. However, this process is generally bases on trust and in the end of the year the production figures can be compared.

As our employees are responsible for filling up those boxes and racks which are prepared by us, you will reduce your storage capacity, labour costs and capital commitment of stocking. There will also remain no “slow sellers” when changing into other products or sizes.

Are you interested in the Direct System? If yes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than pleasured to give you any information you need.