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Zig-Zag springs

Springs are an important component of an upholstery system. They have a decisive influence on the comfort of sitting. Based on our long experience we would like to give you some tips how to select the right spring and to check its quality.

One of the most important factors is the correct length of the springs. We would like to explicitly inform you that a spring must not be measured “along the arc”. The spring should be flatly pressed down and then measured. Please pay attention that the spring should be 1 – 3 cm shorter than the inside width of the frame in which it will be assembled.

The springs get their shape retention by a heat treatment at 300° for three hours.

This heat treating has been made correctly if the endings of the springs are blue or yellow coloured afterwards.

At your request we can test with our control instruments the springs for applied load and load relief by a computer controlled compressed air motor with 25.000 steps. Of course we use this test method for internal test to guarantee a consistent top quality.

In the end we would like to inform you that we have got nearly 1.200 pallets of springs (ca. 250 different sizes) on stock. Our weekly handling is minimum 60 tones.

Take advantage of our diversity and storage capacity – we are looking forward to receiving your inquiry.