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On 1 of September 1970, Oswald Sünkel opened company “Oswald Sünkel Industriebedarf” which was concentrated on distributing connecting parts, springs, upholstery, buttons and further accessories. At that time the customers were mainly from Upper Franconia. In 1978 the owner´s son, Gert Sünkel, entered the company after finishing his business administration. He also extended the range of products. That is why a lot of new clients of other branches could be caught and so the company grew considerably.

The stock facilities had been also expanded.


Our offer was expanded by Stichbond and Spunbond. Gert and Oswald Sünkel took over the offices of LBS – a competitor which had been dissolved. Also the high quality assortment of company Lusch had been a key to success. The number of clients increased which was the reason for doubling turnover and the number of employees. The company changed its legal statues and name into “Sünkel Schrauben GmbH” and Gert Sünkel became business manager.

The first export business was done with Austria and after the fall of the Berliner Wall we paid more attention to the business with the New Laender. According to promptly acting and fairly handling of the inexperienced new customer from Eastern Germany, we had a very big success in sales.

Purchasing new trucks ensured deliveries of our big product assortment in every corner of Germany and fostered the company´s development.


The company Sünkel invested in environmental protection before there were any government grants. The company initiated the construction of two wind turbines. Beside this we still attach importance to waste separation and prevention. Therefore the company received an award from the district Coburg in 1998.

In the mid-90s the number of customers from the former German Democratic Republic (DDR) decreased. However the company Sünkel noticed early enough the potential business connection to Central and Eastern Europe. We started exporting goods to Slovenia, Romania, Czech Republic, Serbia, Hungary, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Slovakia. The rise in export did not only compensate, but pushed also the growth of our company. Sünkel became a system supplier offering a wide range of products from one source.

The decision was made to establish a subsidiary in Eastern Europe. The first office was founded in Poland – the company Sünkel Sruby Sp.z.o.o.

2000 – today

We are well-known and established in Europe. Successes in Poland and an ever-increasing needs for upholstery accessories in other countries have led to the building of other offices in Romania, Czech Republic, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Lithuania and Estonia. The cooperation with a dynamic supplier from China brought further new opportunities.

Now we are “Sünkel Components Upholstery Europe.” We are located in many European countries and are offering a wide range of products for manufacturing upholstery furniture.

Our stock capacity covers ca. 4.000 pallets. We are handling with 60 tones of springs per week and stocking permanently 200 tones of fibres (Stichbond and Spunbond).

Our team of fully qualified and experienced employees remains at your disposal.