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The production of dowel pins

Bosnia-Herzegovina abounds in forests, mainly deciduous forests, which take up 45 per cent of the country. Lower parts of the mountains are covered by oak and beech forests, higher parts by mixed forests, mainly pine and spruce. Our office Sünkel Tisa is exactly located in this scenic area – in the small town Zepce. As there is a lot of wood available, we decided to start in manufacturing (multi grove) wooden dowel pins. They are used for connecting invisibly wooden items. This is one of the oldest and best known methods :-). Now I would like to tell you something about this product and its benefits.

Our dowel pins are made of old, healthy beech wood. That ensures hard wood with high strength. We have three machines at our disposal with which we can manufacture 7.500 to 15.000 items per hour. The dowels are dedusted, trimmed and twice hand-sorted during the production process. This process guarantees that all dowels which fit not our quality standard will be sorted out.

The lengthwise grooves of our dowels play a key roll. If you want to fix two wooden elements, you have to apply glue into the previously prepared holes, as you probably know. While inserting the dowel pins into the hole, the glue is constantly floating through the grooves. During this process the dowels are absorbing the glue and they are increasing its volume.

Thereby we get a resistant and strong connection.

I wrote a lot of information :-) I am sorry, but it is impossible to talk about the dowel only with few words.

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